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Lock The Basement is a one man industrial rock project.
The album was written and recorded during 2015 and released on September 2016.
Loading Your Personal Twat ias about a future where people are devasted by alienation and self-destruction. The loss of any kind of feeling and the desire of death are ordinary and inevitable.
Written, performed, mixed and recorded by Andrea Boccarusso.
Mastered by fabrizio Peccerillo.
Artwork by Gustavo Sazes.
Released on September 20, 2016.


Arcade Childhood is an instrumental concept solo album about the life of a "millennial".
The songs were written from 2008 to 2014 without the purpose of making an album out of them. I was surprised to hear a deep connection between each song, despite having used different approaches at separate times. Even if initially i didn't feel like releasing it because I had been working on more mature projects which resonated more with who I am now (2017) I later decided to give this album a chance.
Written, performed and partly recorded by Andrea Boccarusso.
Drums performed and recorded by Francesco La Rosa (Extrema, Meganoidi, M:Pire of Evil) Recorded, mixed and mastered by fabrizio Peccerillo.
Artwork by Luca Baggio.
Released on March 12,2017.


Bug is an italian progressive rock band from Varese that has released his debut EP "O' Brien Shape" on December 2016.
For this album I've arranged the songs, played guitar, bass and singed some vocal parts.

Mixed, recorded and mastered by Fabrizio Peccerillo.
Released on December 17,2016.


Hidden Memories is an italian heavy metal band from Varese. The debut album "Empirical Fragments" was released on December 2016 by Underground Symphony.
For this album I've played the bass and a guest guitar solo.
Mixed, recorded and mastered by Giulio Capone.


Andrea Boccarusso is a guitar player, singer, composer and guitar teacher from Italy.

He started to play acoustic guitar when he was 14, thanks to his boy scout mates. Soon he picked up dad's electric guitar and started to practice 6 hours a day (in the quiet days), influenced by the classic rock/heavy metal bands like ACDC, Guns n' Roses, Dire Straits and Iron Maiden. He joined his first band at the same age as a vocalist, guitar player and composer.

He has graduated from Lizard with full marks, an important italian guitar academy based Florence.

In the past he has joined bands, played live shows, contributed to the writing process of a guitar method, composed many albums and released only the best of them. Composing music was always an important part of Andrea's musical journey. Luckily he had the possibility to record professionally since he was a teenager.

Thanks to the experience gained in 12 years of self-taught HD recording he has released the debut album of his solo industrial rock project "Lock The Basement" called "Loading Your Personal Twat" entirely recorded, mixed and produced by himself (mastered by Fabrizio Peccerillo) in September 2016.

In the same year were released the first EP of the band "Bug" called "O' Brien Shape", recorded and mixed by Fabrizio Peccerillo (in this album he as arranged the songs, played guitar, bass and singed some vocal parts) and the debut album of the heavy metal band "Hidden Memories" called "Empirical Fragments", released by Underground Symphony (here he has recorded the bass and a guest guitar solo).

On March 12,2017 he released a solo instrumental album called “Arcade Childhood”. The songs were written from 2008 to 2014 without the purpose of making an album out of them, but he later decided to give this album a chance.