One man and his drum machines, synths, distorted guitars and screams. Andrea ‘Boma’ Boccarusso is a multi-instrumentalist from Italy that has been around in the italian metal scene for years. His fortunate youtube channel has gained hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of views in the last 14 years. Andrea has decided to pursue his solo work in an unconventional way for a metalhead: merging his heavy vibe with the love for electronic and industrial music.

‘Lock The Basement’ started as a studio project in 2015. Andrea wanted to write songs in a different way from the past, deciding to create an entity where he could be something distant with a different temper from the straightforward metal he used to write until that moment. After 2 LPs and 1 EP Andrea decided to bring this music live at the end of 2019. The challange of this project is to bring music that can be powerful, easy, crossover and refined at the same time. Single after single, album after album this wish will become reality


2016 – Loading Your Personal Twat [LP]: A concept album about the life of a young man in a dystopian world where virtual prostitution has altered any human interaction. The city is smaller and smaller. The routine becomes unbearable. Everything leads to unhappiness, alienation and finally extinction.

2017 – Distance in Outer Space [LP]: a cover album made of songs that come from different styles and ages. From metal to 80s pop, covered in the signature Lock the Basement industrial metal way..

2019 – Die While You Stand In Line [EP]: Isolation and desolation of every day life are the fulcrum of the album. The idea behind this EP was born during a travel, reading Trent Reznor’s biography. The challange was to write songs without any guitar part, and so DWYSIL was born. There are 2 videoclips from this EP: ‘Risk’ and ‘Sonne’ (Rammstein Cover).

2020 – Persistence [EP]: an EP made of just 3 tracks. The single ‘Persistence’ and the instrumental track ‘Side of the Road’ are a sort of comeback to the sounds of LYPT. ‘White Line’, instead, is a pure electronic instrumental track with a gloomy vibe that is heavily influenced by DWYSIL.

2020 – No Revolt [Single]: the eternal battle between the working class and the business men. Ethics and good manners are just distant memory.

2020 – Second Class Human [Single]: when there’s a difference between improved genes and obsolete human life forms the world splits and falls to pieces.

2020 – Come Back to Life [Single]: we used to think about life as a line, figuratively. But mankind strives to draw a circle.

2020 – Feed our Lie [Single]: it’s important to be the proud sons of our parents, even if this leads to deny ourselves into a life we haven’t chosen.

2021 – Revitalized [LP]: a sort of ‘Greatest Hits’ but remixed, remastered and sometimes re-recorded in some parts.


Email: andreaboccarusso@gmail.com (Andrea) / vintersaklig@gmail.com (Manager)

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